About Me

I, Mehedi Hasan, am a tech enthusiast person living in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Horoscopic theory says I’m one of the members of the Leo zodiac signs. Yes, August is the month I born!

Still a student!  I have a degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering. I switched to CSE then. Studying MSC in Computer Science & Engineering at Jagannath University now.


Long story short, after completed my graduation, I finally realized Electrical or Electronics field is not for me. This is not something I love to work with. That does not belong to my passion.

However, I was working as a Trainee Engineer at a Power-based company in Bangladesh. After a few days/weeks, I realized, this is not for me. I could earn much but I’m not gonna love my job at all. Immediately, I left the job.

I had working experience with web designing(front-end). I had some freelance working experience too. I was not that expert but was well versed known with HTML, CSS, a bit of JavaScript & PHP. However, I had intermediate level experience working with WordPress too.

After leaving the job, I was thinking about moving to freelance again. Besides, I could give some time to a few of the local web portals that I was publishing educational information. Which was my another source of income too. Mostly from #adsense.

In that time, I got a circular at weDevs Ltd for the Support Engineer position. They are basically a WordPress product based software company in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It seemed interesting to me and somehow I’ve applied without thinking much.

After a few days, I got an email from them for an interview. Trust me, I was confused whether I should go for this or not even on the morning of the interview. I went, faced the interview and got selected somehow!

I’m working as a Support Engineer till now at weDevs. Basically, I provide technical and after sales support here. You can mark the place as a bridge of the communication between the Development team and the customer. I do provide technical support too.

My Works

I basically work beyond with the meaning of Support Engineer position. I work closely with the software development team, reporting bugs to them, generates the feature ideas, suggest UI/UX enhancements, cooperate with the documentation and marketing team and mostly handles the customer’s issues.

I’m good at:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • WordPress
  • WP-CLI
  • WooCommerce
  • Technical Documentation
  • Managing a team

Not that good but have working experience with:

  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • Bootstrap
  • Digital Content Strategy


The conclusion is yet to write. I better do not write a conclusion before ending the journey 🙂

Don’t forget to get in touch.